Fall Fav’s

Fall is basically here! You know I'm falling behind when I still have a puffy fur jacket in my closet. I'm not freezing my butt in Aspen anytime soon so that needs to go. Tailgates (or boulevards), fall brunches, pumpkin patches, haunted houses and all these fall festivities are around the corner but what to [...]

Travel feels

Never would I ever expect to eat Ghengis at 4am in the morning but hey, I'm traveling. Have you ever noticed whenever we travel we never question our actions because hello, we're on vacation?! No quest bar and iced coffee this morning, I'm definitely living life on the edge. Somebody is plopped right next to [...]

July 30th, 2017

It's near that time, where everyone starts deciding which path they're wanting to head north on forever. It's almost utterly impossible to choose, whether the paths are chock-full of rose gold pebbles headed to the fast lane or just grassy paths abundant with daisies headed to sweet simplicity. Graduation is one year away and yet [...]

Divorced Parents

I can just about guarantee that every family has encountered a divorce in their own or extended family. The reasons of divorce can be compacted into three major reasons. 1. Parents divorcing because they fell out of love and admiration. 2. Irreconcilable differences that never seemed to have a solution. 3. Realizing and agreeing that [...]